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Easy Glue Gun textured Art (Version 2)

a framed picture of textured art made with a glue gun

This is another version of the textured glue gun art project using different colors and designs. As I mentioned in my last post, this project is completely customizable so you can choose the design, size and color to match your style and room decor. The possibilities are really endless!

Because I was using a small 8x8 canvas, I knew I wanted to do more than one and hang them together in a group. Depending on how skilled you are with the glue gun, the design can be as simple or intricate as you want. I have zero artistic ability and can't draw a straight line with a ruler, so I used my Cricut to print out the images to use as a stencil.

a leaf shape being drawn on a canvas using a stencil

a pencil drawing of a leaf on a canvas

Once the image is drawn on the canvas, it's time to break out the glue gun. Simply trace over your image with the hot glue and let dry.

a pencil drawing of a leaf being traced with a hot glue gun

Hot glue dries extremely quickly so it will be ready to paint within minutes. I used acrylic paint here, but you can use any type you like - spray paint works great or you can even use leftover wall paint for a perfect match in your room.

painting a canvas with a textured design made from hot glue

art made with a glue gun on a canvas

Once they were finished, I put them in a frame with white matting so there would be some contrast between the gold image and frame. This was such a quick and easy project so I'm definitely going to do more. Stay tuned for the next one.......

two framed pictures of glue gun art


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