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Frozen vodka ice block

Every year, we host a fancy dress Christmas Eve party (who has ever had a bad time in a tuxedo?) and even though we are at my house, because everyone is all decked out it makes it feel that much more special. In keeping with that theme, I always do a fun cocktail that's as dressed up as the guests. Last year I made what I like to call "ornanment-tinis" which you can see HERE.

As we all know, cold vodka is the best vodka, so I love freezing the bottles in ice blocks. My favorite part is that you can add leaves, berries or sliced fruit to make it pretty. It's super easy to do, and keeps the drinks cold for the whole party!

bottles frozen in ice blocks


All you need to make frozen vodka ice blocks are empty half-gallon milk or juice containers (rinsed out and dried), and whatever ingredients you'll be using to decorate the ice block. Because this was for Christmas Eve, I made a batch of cranberry martinis in an old resealable glass bottle that I had, and added pomegranate seeds and rosemary to make it look festive. I also froze a bottle of Tito's and decorated it with lemon slices and basil leaves - which is an option that works all year round.

Step One

Slice off the top portion of the carton.

a carton with the top portion cut off

Step Two

Next, simply insert the bottle into the carton and surround it with any ingredients you would like to display.

a bottle of vodka in an empty carton

Step Three

Fill the carton with tap water just below the top to allow for expansion when freezing. Depending on the size of your bottle, make sure to use enough of whatever ingredients you are using that there's not room for them to move, otherwise everything will just float to the top.

a bottle of vodka in a carton with water, lemon slices and basil leaves

Step Four

Place in the freezer overnight, making sure to avoid any potential for it falling over. Once you are ready to serve, simply peel off the carton.

a bottle of vodka in a freezer

Obviously this is ice and will melt, so take that into account when choosing a serving tray for the display. I used a foil baking pan lined with a towel, and covered it with a decorative table cloth that was folded over a few times and placed it in a wooden serving tray.

bottles frozen in ice blocks

Just to be a little extra, I made the drinkware festive by pouring a small amount of water in the bottom along with an upright sprig of rosemary and froze overnight. The result looks like a little Christmas tree in a glass, and now you have frosted glasses that already have ice.

rosemary sprigs in chilled glasses

Love this Frozen vodka Ice Block display

bottles of vodka in ice blocks

This was so easy to do, and the guests loved it. I hope you try it and enjoy!

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