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Ornament-tini Centerpiece

Create a stunning centerpiece for your Christmas party and give your guests a fun way to enjoy their cocktails and get into the holiday spirit!

Grab a set of clear plastic ornaments like these I found on Amazon:

All you need to do is fill however many ornaments you want with the cocktail of your choice, and place the filled ornament in a martini glass. To keep it festive, fill half of them with a green cocktail such as an apple martini, and the other half with a red drink like a cosmopolitan. Pro-tip: put frozen cranberries in the glass underneath the ornament as a garnish to add a pop of red and also keep the drinks cold!

Place the Ornament-tinis on a serving tray and add some pinecones or other seasonal decor and you now have a show-stopping centerpiece!

Open, pour and enjoy!

Materials Needed:

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