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DIY Book Storage Boxes

I recently started feeling like my bookshelves have turned into eyesores, and after doing some research on bookshelf design, I realized that they were way to cluttered. While browsing styling ideas, I fell in love with the look of stacked books. The next logical thing to do was to immediately go onto Amazon and purchase them. However, cooler heads prevailed and I realized that $39 for cardboard boxes seemed a bit unnecessary.

Fashion themed faux book storage boxes

As I was putting the recycling out, a thought popped into my head that the family-sized boxes of the kids' cereal would be the perfect size for a storage box. I saved a few from the recycling bin and started planning.

boxes of children's cereal

Materials needed for the DIY book storage boxes:

  • Empty cereal boxes

  • Box cutter or X-Acto knife

  • Paper and glue or printable adhesive vinyl sheets

  • Felt or fabric (optional)

The first step is to slice the box along the side to open the existing seam where it is glued shut, and then along the two connecting sides on the top and bottom. It's important to cut along the existing seam because the lip that is connecting the box together on the inside is necessary to form the closure for the lid. The back of the cereal box will now be the lid of the storage box.

a cereal box being cut open along the side to form a lid

The next step is to print out whatever image you like for the book cover. I used a marble print that would match my bookshelves. This would work with regular printer paper and glue, but I opted to use vinyl sticker paper because it would be easy to adhere to the box evenly. Trim to size and then cover the front and back of the cereal box as well as the non-opening narrow side.

a paper with a marble design being trimmed in a paper cutter

a woman applying a printed vinyl decal to cover a cereal box

Next, I printed out images of what the closed book pages would look like, and adhered them to the narrow top and bottom sides of the box as well as the opening narrow side.

an image of book pages being applied to the side of a cereal box

For the book title on the spine, I used my Cricut to make the letters out of metallic gold vinyl and then attached.

applying stick on letters to the side of a box

This last step is optional, but I think it makes a huge difference. I had some felt sheets on hand and used them to line the inside of the box. Any fabric would work, but the thickness of the felt adds a bit of stability, while also giving a more finished look to the inside (which is now storing the chargers that are always sitting on the counter).

the inside of a box lined with felt with phone chargers on top

I wound up making two additional boxes - also marble covered and travel themed. I now have a stacked set of faux book storage boxes that didn't cost a penny!

a stack of three faux book storage boxes on a bookshelf

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