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Dollar Store Hula Hoop Shelves

One of my daughter's favorite places to go is the Dollar Store. On our latest trip, I picked up two $1 hula hoops to make some decorative shelves for my office.

Step One

Spray paint the hula hoops in whatever color you like.

spray painting a hula hoop gold

Step Two

Cut two pieces of wood slightly larger than the hula hoops. I found some scrap wood in the garage from who-knows-what project, that were a good size, and applied a wood stain to deepen the color and finish the wood.

two planks of wood with stain

Step Three

Next, I drilled pilot holes in the hula hoops that were lined up with where I was going to attach it to the wood on each side.

drilling pilot holes

Step Four

Then, I drilled screws through the pilot holes and into the wood. I recommend using a spacer board in between the wood boards when you are attaching them to make sure they are level.

building hula hoop shelves

Hanging the Hula Hoop Shelves

I used pipe holder brackets to attach the shelf to the wall, which I also spray painted gold along with the screws because, why not?

gold painted pipe holder brackets and screws

Here is the finished product - Super cute and so easy!

hula hoop shelves

Perfect addition to my zoom wall for all my meetings.

a home office with a dog under the desk

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