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Easy DIY Hidden Face Mask Scarf Hack

a woman wearing a scarf around her neck with a hidden face mask sewn into it

With Fall temperatures dropping, it's time to break out the scarves (yay!). But you also still need to wear your face mask. Check out this easy DIY hidden face mask hack that keeps you safe and looking great at the same time!

a collage of a fashionable couple in different destinations in Europe

Let me start by saying how much I love scarves. They are cozy, comfy and can add a pop of color to an otherwise drab outfit. Traveling across Europe, the landscapes and languages may change, but the one constant is scarves! It's the reason that all the men & women look so chic and fashionable. Easiest way to spot an American tourist in Paris? They're not wearing a scarf!

a disposable face mask on the ground

Now that I've convinced you to wear a scarf, let's talk about your face mask. You know the drill: You are seated at your table in a restaurant and are now allowed to remove your mask. But where do you put it where it's not going to get dirty? You either have to put it on the table subjecting it to spills and the possibility of it getting knocked to the ground, or putting it in your purse with who-knows-what amount of germs. Who wants to put it back on their face after that? Yes, I'm aware that there are face mask chains, but this is way better - trust me.

Enter: A scarf with a hidden face mask! This hack is so easy and obvious it's one of those "why didn't I think of that?" situations. Here's what you need:

a scarf, cloth face mask, sewing pins and measuring tape


  • Scarf (pashmina type material works best)

  • Cloth face mask in a coordinating color

  • Measuring tape

  • pins

  • sewing machine & thread


a scarf with a sewing pin and measuring tape

Step one: Lay out your scarf on a flat surface. Use a measuring tape or just fold in half to find the center line and then mark the center.

a cloth face mask folded in half and pinned to a scarf

Step two: Fold the face mask in half and align with the center point on the top edge of the scarf.

a cloth face mask pinned to a scarf

Step three: Unfold the mask and pin around the edges to prepare for sewing.

a cloth face mask being sewn into a scarf with a sewing machine

Step four: Simply sew the mask to the scarf. I recommend using a sewing machine for a straighter and tighter stitch, but this can easily be done by hand as well. Make sure to use color coordinated thread.

side by side images showing a woman wearing a face mask that is sewn into a scarf next to the same scarf wrapped around her neck with the mask hidden

And that's it! It's a face mask when you need it, and a scarf when you don't! No more putting your face mask on a dirty table or shoving it in your purse or pocket.

This was so easy I made one for anyone who asked. Let me know what you think!

four scarves with hidden face masks sewn into them hanging on hooks

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