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Faux Terracotta DIY Planter

a large tin with a holiday theme printed on it

We all have them; those holiday themed tins we received from friends and family full of treats. But once all of the goodies are gone, for some reason I'm not able to throw them out, and I now have a shelf full of them in the basement. But this particular tin that arrived full of popcorn was so huge, and I knew immediately what I was going to do with it. I'm a bit of a crazy plant lady, and large planters are not cheap. Here's how I turned a basic holiday popcorn tin into a faux terracotta DIY planter that looks like a real terracotta pot.

a woman drilling holes into the bottom of an empty popcorn tin

After giving the tin a thorough cleaning, I drilled holes in the bottom of the tin for drainage.

a woman using a hot glue gun to attach rope around a popcorn tin

I wanted to add some depth and texture to the planter so I used some thick corded rope and used a hot glue gun to attach it. I started at the top of the tin, making a complete circle around the top.

a corded rope being hot glued around a popcorn tin

I continued to work my way down the tin, wrapping the rope around and gluing as I went until I reached the bottom.

a box of baking soda next to a can of paint and a bowl

The next step was to prepare the paint to make a thick, clay-like mixture. I used interior flat wall paint that we had left over that was a dark stone color.

baking soda being mixed with paint

I combined the paint and baking soda and stirred until thoroughly mixed. Keep adding baking soda until you're happy with the consistency.

a popcorn tin being painted with a mixture of baking soda and paint

The next step is to paint. You can see here how thick the paint becomes with the baking soda to give it the texture of terracotta. I used a large brush for the tin, and then a smaller brush to work the paint mixture into the rope.

four plants in decorative planters on a windowsill

Once dry, I filled with potting soil and added the newest member to my plant family. She seems happy so far!

a plant in a planter made from an old popcorn tin that is painted with baking soda and paint to look like terracotta

Make sure to save the lid from the tin! To trap any excess water or soil that comes out through the drainage holes, I placed it under the planter as a catch.


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