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Scrap Wood Holiday Decor

Because we are constantly doing DIY projects, this is what my garage looks like - ALL THE TIME (sigh). I thought I could accomplish two goals at once, by taking some of this scrap wood and turning it into some easy fun holiday decor, and also start cleaning the garage.

I rummaged through the pile and found a few that were consistent in size and shape.

They were super long so I trimmed them all down to about half the length.

Once I had the pieces trimmed, I assembled and glued them together using Titebond Quick & Thick, so there wouldn't be any nails sticking out. I glued two more pieces of scrap wood perpendicular to the frame for support. Next, I screwed in two picture hooks and added a wire for hanging.

Once all the wood was securely in place, it was ready for paint. My husband is the artist in the family (seriously - he's so talented! Check out his work at Red Brick Barn Art) so I left the actual artwork to him, and just told him what I wanted it to say. He painted it white first as a base layer, to even out the color variations in the wood with acrylic paint before doing the red background color. After he was done painting with the acrylic, he sprayed it with clear matte spray paint to prevent peeling.

And here's the finished product!

My decorations go in a different spot every year, but I think I found the perfect spot for this one in the kitchen ❤️

These were so easy to make, we wound up doing a couple of others. For this one, he used a stencil for the reindeer and filled it in with gold acrylic paint. Next he added a bit of spray adhesive before sprinkling on the glitter - super cute!

I'm a big believer that Christmas decor does not always have to be red & green, and I would rather it match the decor of the room it's going in, so my husband made a quick purple and gold candy cane to match the family room colors.

Materials Used:

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