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Sectional sofa Upgrade

I absolutely love our sectional. We bought each piece individually so we could create the size and shape we wanted. The only thing I hate about it is that it looks like it's a bunch of individual pieces.

I really wanted to wrap the back of the sofa in one giant piece of fabric so it would look like one piece. I started searching fabric stores until I (surprisingly) found a perfect match.

Once I measured and cut the fabric to size, I folded the unfinished edges of the top and sides over a strip of upholstery tape and secured with hot glue to make a finished edge.

Next I was ready to add the fabric to the back sides of the sofa. I used my trusty hot glue gun again, because as I mentioned in earlier posts that it adheres so well to fabric and works better than a staple gun, plus you don't have to worry about hiding the staples.

Now it was time for the bottom. Because the sofa technically is still a bunch of individual pieces, I was worried that between 3 kids and 2 dogs, that the pieces would still move and possibly make the fabric I just attached not stay in place. We bought wood planks that I stained grey, and used a pneumatic nail gun to attach them around all sides of the sofa. (Added benefit: no more dogs barking at their favorite ball that just rolled under the couch and I now have to lay on the floor and stick my arm under the couch to retrieve it).

And here's the final product: One big happy sofa that actually looks like it's one big sofa. Not a dramatic before and after for this one, but that was actually the point.

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